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About me

Since the beginning of 2020 I have been pursuing my dream of being a professional voice actress. I'm currently completing a course of studies with the actress, cabaret artist, director, presenter and teacher for acting, Vera Feldmann.

Before that – working for Cisco (a global IT company) brought me physically and virtually around the world of its 90 countries and 130,000 users, presenting, discussing, leading and socialising. Looking back I spent my career changing my language, style and approach to make the business work and I want to use those versatile, experienced and empathetic experiences to make your project right whatever the audience and content. After 20 years communicating to a global English speaking company world I am fluent, with a British accent.

Acting has always been a love of mine. Whether it was school theater or as part of the Theater in the Volkshaus - the amateur theater in Herne-Röhlinghausen as an adult, I'm always passionate about it!

To the artist side of me I also bring the professionalism, structure, organisation and business responsiveness that you would expect from an experienced business leader. I love to breathe life into characters with my voice, to give products and companies a voice, whether in German or English. My voice is variable, from warm and gentle, to sensual and cheeky, to dynamic and hard.

I have the facilities to finish professional recordings in my state of the art home studio. I look forward to meeting you, working with you and most of all giving your dreams a voice!


Why me? You are looking for reliability, a wealth of variants and a voice that gives your product, your concerns and wishes priority? Then you are in the right place. I don't blabber on for long, I speak for you.

Whether it's audio books, advertising, image films, audio guides or explanatory videos - I'm eager to do it!

To give you a feeling in advance of what my voice would sound like for your request, I am be happy to speak a part of your individual scripts as an audio sample.

Audio books

I love reading books myself, so it gives me even more pleasure to grant one or more characters of a story an individual voice, a personality.


In this category I put the focus on a warm, non-excited speaking voice in order to entertain the listeners pleasantly over a longer period of time.


If you book me for your explainer video, I will voice it seriously, informatively and neutrally, or adapted to your requirements. Smart and coherent is a given.


Vocally everything is possible, whether dynamic, stimulating, sexy, or also factual, calm and trusting - let me praise and promote your product!

True to the motto "the sky is the limit", my repertoire is large and I look forward to every challenge, whether from one of the above categories or others, such as image films, audio guides, product videos and e-learnings, or also telephone announcements.
Just write to me with your request and I am sure that we will come to an agreement.

A current list of fees based on the Association of German Speakers (VDS) can be found here:

Voice Samples

Please find below a selection of voice samples for demo purposes.
I am also very happy to provide ad hoc recordings as required, just contact me!

Der Seehund

Werbung Versicherung

Werbung Herzbewusst

Werbung Beauty

Dick Whittington

Das Neinhorn

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