If not now then when?

A year ago I suddenly stood in front of a huge intersection .. where should I turn?

My professional security for the past 20 years at Cisco shouldn't last any longer, thanks to a re-org "I got hit". Being given a 6 months' notice and so-called gardening leave (over the winter.. great!) allowed me to reorient myself after the first shock. Get your CV up to scratch, look for other options, and most importantly; "find" myself. What do I actually want to do? What can I imagine doing? At first I was pretty lost.

The words 'chance' and 'possibility' had to be taken out of the drawer again. Deep down, I've always had the urge to do "something different" ... but I always lacked the right impulse. For the time being, I continued on the track I knew well, and after a refreshed résumé and some research into job options, I sent off the first applications. I already had some good contacts and some interesting job offers in mind, but we were just before Christmas, so everything stayed a little quieter for the time being.

The desire for independence grew, and together with my husband we juggled some ideas over the Christmas holidays, and at some point we came across United POP, a music and media academy. I was attracted by many of the areas they offer, but especially the narrator, copywriter, moderator and dubbing artist courses. We immediately booked an consultation appointment for January and the next course start should be in April, I couldn't wait! 

Foto: Tina Müller "Auf zu neuen Zielen!"

Was war für Euch ein einschneidendes Erlebnis, dass Eure Perspektive oder Eure berufliche Situation komplett verändert hat? Oder was würdet Ihr gerne ändern, wozu fehlt Euch eventuell das letzte Quäntchen Mut?
What was a life changing decision for you or what did completely change your perspective on your professional life? What would you like to change and what holds you back?