The new direction

While researching #newbeginnings, I came across this picture on Instagram. It reads: Sometimes we wait with certain things as if we had a second life. It speaks to me in two ways: firstly, I love old American sleds and, more importantly, the saying hits the spot.

Photo: motivations.boss Instagram

I want so many things, I actually need seven (or is it nine?) lives like a cat!
I would like to be independent, plan trips to other cities and countries, sometimes backpacking, sometimes luxury. I want to be a mother and wife, plan family activities and spend time with the children. I want to take long walks with the dog, go on motorcycle tours, dance at concerts, read a book in the garden. I want to pursue my hobbies of photography and acting. Do sports, meditation.
Plant vegetables at home, keep the rooms in order, decorate, equip photo frames, create photo books. Drink beer. Dance on the pole. Celebrate!
I would like to be an expert in a field that my heart is set on, so that I am self-confident enough to start my own business.

So, where do I start? The year 2020 is definitely a very intense one, which shows me a completely new direction, which motivates, drives and promises satisfaction. I have found what my calling or one of my callings is!
I love to embody other characters, whether on stage or behind the scenes, as it were, as a narrator. Or a voice actress in English, which in my opinion describes the profession much better than in German: voice actor, voice artist. Record audio books, breathe life into the characters, let stories become pictorial. Support companies with their campaigns, speak for their product, their image, their  explainer videos, in German and / or English. Speaking crazy adverts or a serious telephone announcement.
That's what I dream of, that's what I want to do!

Photo: motivations.boss Instagram
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it."
What are your dreams? What can you imagine that you will still achieve in life? Which mountain do you want to climb, which lake do you want to swim?